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English Language HolidayHave you ever thought of taking a language holiday? This is a unique combination of a holiday and a study course which is used to learn or improve a foreign language. It is especially popular for people who wish to learn English, especially in English university towns which are very cosmopolitan and welcoming of foreign visitors.

While on a language holiday, you study in a language school or college alongside other students of a wide variety of ages from many different countries. Some places provide holiday cottage style accommodation or encourage you to stay in local hotels and similar facilities, and some even offer you the option to stay with a host family instead (sometimes called a homestay holiday).

Language holidays can be of any length, from as little as a week to as long as a year, but most are two or three weeks, just like a normal holiday. The big advantage of a language holiday is the immersion – because you are in a country speaking the language natively, you are constantly exposed to the language from the moment you wake to when you go to sleep. You can’t escape from the language so you have little choice but to learn it. This is how you learn your native language, after all – constant exposure.

The multicultural aspect of study holidays – especially for studying English in England – means that when studying with students from other countries you are reliant on the language you are learning in order to communicate with each other, which further adds to the immersion and levels of practice you get.

Language holidays are especially popular because when away from home you are not distracted by everyday pressures like school, work or other business. This relaxes your mind which makes it easier to learn. Taking a holiday in the native country also allows you to immerse yourself in the culture. Language is not just words, so by actually living in a foreign country, even for a little while, you gain a better understanding of the people and therefore of the language itself.

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