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Dog-friendly cottage in Looe and Polperro?

Britain has a reputation for being a nation of animal lovers, and indeed, Britons the country over confess undying affection for their pets. As such when we choose to go on holiday, it may not be surprising to find that some may very well wish to take their pets away with them. Holidays in Cornwall, which are by their nature more laid-back and out-of-the-way than most other destinations, as well as being closer to home, offer the perfect opportunity to holiday with your pet. Fortunately for your canine companions, holiday cottages in Looe and Polperro are widely available for hire.



Cornwall is by its nature a perfect destination for dogs. It offers a warm and temperate climate, with plenty of wide-open spaces for them to run around in from sandy beaches to rural fields. There are around eighty beaches that are dog-friendly, however be aware that certain areas may only be open to pets in certain parts of the year, while others may require dogs to be kept on a leash. Naturally, you will also be expected to clean up your dog’s doings.


Of course before you start packing Fido’s bowl and leash, there are things you need to consider. For one thing, not every holiday cottage in Looe and Polperro will be able to cater to dogs. The reasons for this may vary. For example the owner of the cottage may simply not want pets in their property, whether because of allergies or simply because it means more cleaning afterwards. In other cases it may be a problem with the cottage itself -- it may simply be unable to accommodate pets, particularly dogs, due to small size or a lack of amenities suitable for pet owners. While Cornwall is never too far away from an open field or parkland, you should also make sure that the cottage has plenty of outside space nearby for your dog to run around in.


Dogs who get bored or who can’t burn off excess energy may start to get excitable, after all.


There are hundreds of holiday cottages in Looe and Polperro available for rent, so chances are with some searching you can find more than enough to cater to both you and your animal companion. If you have difficulty finding a holiday cottage in Looe or Polperro that meets your requirements, you can always visit the website of Looe and Polperro Holidays. You can also contact them directly by phoning 01503 265330.






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