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New Archbishop of Canterbury Draws Crowds

The new Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, was enthroned on Thursday 21st of March 2013 at Canterbury Cathedral and the event drew large crowds of international visitors.

Canterbury really is an international city and this event attracted crowds from all over the world to see the inauguration of the new leader of the Anglican Church in Great Britain.

Canterbury Cathedral is such an ancient and historic place and the city itself is medieval in parts, which really appeals to visitors from all over the world. Many foreign students come to Canterbury to study English as they like its history and architecture.

Canterbury English Students

The enthronement of the new archbishop was a great opportunity for many of these students to head down to the cathedral and join in the excitement at this most special of religious ceremonies.

The Archbishop of Canterbury also serves as the Chancellor of Canterbury Christ Church University. This well-respected university offers international students the chance to learn English during the summer months, with courses held by long-running language school Concorde International.

These courses also provide a holiday for language students because they can combine their programme of study with excursions put on by Concorde International. Students get the chance to explore Canterbury as well as visiting some other historic places across Kent and London.

So Canterbury really is a great place to study if you want to learn English in England and Concorde International can offer the best courses. With historic events going on as the inauguration of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, there is always something to see and do here whilst having a break from your English Language Course.

To find out more about the wide range of English language courses for adults, families and young people call +44 (0) 1227 451035 or browse the Concorde International website today.

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