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5 Reasons to Play Golf in Kent

Many budding golf fans and players watching the 2015 Masters will have been impressed by America’s 21-year-old Jordan Spieth who came alive to record a recording breaking first victory.

The American leaped into the final round with a four shot lead and further extended that by one after his opening nine holes before beating fellow golfing legend Phil Mikelson’s Masters record of 26 birdies for the week.

Here are five reasons why you should play golf in Kent:

There are many benefits to playing golf in Kent, not the least of which is being outside enjoying and breathing in the clean air and taking part in a physical activity.

Playing golf allows you to enjoy plenty of light exercise

The greatest physical benefit to playing golf is getting exercise from walking. Walking for 18 holes is often the equivalent of walking 3-to-4 miles. This gets the golfer's heart going and blood pumping. Golfers who play three or four times a week are getting quite a bit of exercise making golf the ideal sport for the old and young of all abilities.

Golf is great for Socialising and making new friends

Golf is a competitive game and most golfers want to win. However, the competition takes place in a friendly and social environment. Golf gives its participants a chance to talk to each other and discuss life issues even as the golfer thinks about the next shot. Golf is a friendly game and it gives players a chance to enjoy each other's company while competing.

Playing golf in Kent allows you to play on some of the finest Golf courses in the country.

The English Channel surrounds half of the Kent borders where you will find some of the finest examples of Golf Courses.

Kent has been host to the British Open on many occasions, Princes, Royal Cinque Ports and more recently at Royal St Georges Golf Club host for the 2003 Open that was won by Ben Curtis.

Lower injury risk

All sports carry a risk of injury; however Golf is among the lowest in terms of risk for injury. It is a leisurely activity that has few jerking movements on the legs and lower back. While injuries occur, they are relatively minor. This is a bonus especially for mature players as they can still burn calories and get a workout without exhausting or risking injury. Warming up and stretching before a round will also reduce your risk of injury.

Exercise such as playing Golf helps to reduce stress

We all suffer from stress at some points in are lives. When the stress becomes unbearable many health experts say that exercise is the best cure for this as being in an outdoor area where you can interact with others who share your interests is a great way to forget your troubles. Many golfers choose clubs that allow them consistent access to their favourite types of holes and other benefits to keep them happy.


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