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Visitor guides are very popular ways of documenting and displaying information about a particular area of interest of tourist attraction. It is these guides which can actually influence the experience that the visitor has when physically being on the site. For many businesses they are vital. For example, without a visitor guide, users will not be able to navigate theme parks and other large themed attractions. This can results in poor user experience and high customer dissatisfaction.

visitor guideFor this reason, visitor guides must capture the brand of your attraction or point of interest, in order to covert readers into travellers and address all possible needs of visitors in the area. These particular documents go a long way to serving an informative purpose and must also have aesthetic appeal and be suitable for the target audience.


The physical properties of the guide must also be considered. In some cases, the guide needs to be produced at a very high quality for the user to get the best possible uses out of it. This is apparent for strictly outdoor attractions and points of interest. Many guides are produced on ‘glossy’ paper which is more waterproof than normal printing paper.

The design is also very important. The layout of the information should be clear and informative so that the user can navigate through the guide with easy and efficiency. Consulting a designer or a specialist in visitor guide design is well worth the extra expenditure as such companies can help you to maximise the space of the page and create the optimal solution.

Another aspect to consider when producing visitor guides is the online aspect. By 2015 it is reported that the use of mobile phones to access the internet is actually to surpass internet access via desktop. This has provided opportunities for attractions and places of interest to have a strong online presence to address this change in user behaviour. The mobile native allows user guides to be much more fun, responsive, interactive and engaging.

As mentioned previously, it is important to find a visitor guide design establishment with years of proven success to get the most out your solution. Fitzpatrick Woolmer based in Kent have had proven success in producing visitor guides and interpretation displays for general public use. Fitzpartick Woolmer have worked with several businesses and establishments to provide the best solution for their clients and customers. To find out more about how your visitor guide can do more than just stand out, please visit

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