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Last Minute Travel Insurance

If you’ve managed to secure a last minute holiday deal you may not have managed to get hold of travel insurance yet. Fortunately there’s no need to panic, as you can still get plenty of cover for yourself and your family. Everyone has done it – suddenly looked at their travel itinerary and to-do list and realised that they aren’t insured. Whoops! Fortunately there are plenty of companies out there who specialise in speedy insurance that allows you to get cover at the last minute and still give you the protection you need while you are away.

holiday dealsMost travel insurers will actually offer cover immediately from the moment you pay up for your policy, so having to grab something at the last minute isn’t the end of the world but it may not be ideal either.

The best way to buy travel insurance is at the same time as you book the holiday – that way if you have to cancel or amend anything before you head off you can know that you’re fully covered. Of course this makes life a little awkward if you’re aiming for a last minute holiday deal in order to grab a bargain, but there’s no reason to despair if this is the case.

A lot of companies will happily ensure you up to the point at which you leave the UK, meaning you can potentially even buy cover at the airport, but expect to pay more for this. Remember that most will not allow you to get cover for your holiday once you have actually left for your destination – so once you’re through the departure gate, you’re stuck!

If you’re shopping for last minute holiday insurance make sure you get the cover you need – it should cover you for everything that insurance bought in advance does, so don’t be fooled if a potential provider tries to short-change you in this regard. Do remember, however, that last-minute bookings probably won’t be covered by cancellation insurance as most policies will require a minimum notice period before you leave the UK if you want cover against booking cancellations. Otherwise it would be far too easy for last-minute travellers to realise very close to departure that they need to cancel their plans for some reason and then buy last minute travel insurance just to make a claim!

Other exclusions that you may come across might include

  • Before and after you travel (costs incurred before leaving or after returning are often exempt)
  • Breaking the law in the country you are visiting
  • Having travel refused by your airline or travel provider, for example due to security reasons
  • Not doing your paperwork, for example by not getting Visa information sorted in time
  • Ignoring FCO advice by travelling to somewhere rife with political unrest, for example

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