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Be Inspired By Alternative Ski Holiday Destinations

If you’re sick of the same old Alps ski resorts or just can’t scrape the money together for another visit with one of their notoriously expensive packages, taking a trip “off piste” to one of these fresh, original destinations can inject a new level of adventure to your ski activity holiday and save you a bundle on price as well.

Alternative ski holidays

Finland is ideal for a winter activity holiday if you’re after something more than just skiing, as exotic activities like dog sledding and even reindeer spotting are available at many resorts. Try a short break over Christmas in Lapland, keep an eye out for the Northern Lights (and Santa’s sleigh) in the sky, and stay in a charming log cabin in this pristine countryside. Finnish ski resorts are often focused around less experienced skiers with lower mountains meaning shorter runs, so are ideal for beginners or children just getting their first taste of the sport.

Italy is a great alternative route into the Alps if you simply must visit the region. It tends to be cheaper than France or Switzerland and comes with delicious Italian cuisine and designer shopping for those who want some alternative activities off the slopes. Italian ski resorts have a very laid back attitude with the skiing activities liberally sprinkled with long lunches, social events and parties, so couples, singles and those looking for a bit of a luxury break will enjoy the gourmet atmosphere.

Germany’s best ski resorts are around Bavaria, laden with high mountains and fairytale castles along with easy access to the rest of the country’s historic towns full of markets and restaurants. Take a short city break in the middle of your skiing holiday with a weekend over in a city to enjoy some amazing German beer and food, or relax in between time on the slopes in front of a crackling Bavarian log fire.

Slovenia is a little known skiing location in Eastern Europe, home to a large number of resorts with well-maintained slopes ideal for less experienced skiers. There are sometimes fewer slopes available but the lack of crowds makes this an ideal quiet family holiday or just a chance to get away from the usual snow-sports throngs for a year and have some more relaxing time on the slopes.

Finally, Bulgaria offers top value for skiing and snowboarding, especially for beginners, although the bargain prices are starting to attract more advanced skiers as well. The locals are famously friendly and the countryside beautiful, with a range of narrow slopes for the experienced and friendly, tree-lined areas for beginners.

If you’re looking for a your next skiing activity holiday why not hop on to today for a wide range of activity and family holiday brochures to help you plan your next holiday.

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